Our Objectives to Make Community Better

1 Intensify the cultural and social development of Pakistanis in Spain, promoting Education (literacy and professional training).
2- Promote the necessary relations between Spain and Pakistan to achieve the social and academic integration of Pakistani citizens in Spain.
3- Bring the population closer to Pakistani culture in all its facets, promoting student exchanges.
-4 Promote communication, exchange of ideas and cooperation between Spain and Pakistan, promoting the development and mediation of human rights.
-5 Promote diplomatic relations between Spain and Pakistan in order to obtain a better economic, cultural and health situation for Pakistani citizens in Spain
-6 Encourage and promote all kinds of sports at the local and state level.
7- Collaborate with NGOs and Public Administrations with purposes similar to those of the Federation.
8- Carry out cultural and recreational activities with the participation of volunteers.
9. Carry out activities aimed at improving and promoting relations between Spain and Pakistan
facilitating information and management. 10- Conferences and seminars related to the purposes of the Federation.
11-Convocation and celebration of the National Holidays of Pakistan, both cultural and religious.
12- Provide the federation's component associations with all kinds of information necessary for the fulfillment of their purposes. Any profit motive is excluded.